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Editing is the behind-the-scenes work that seamlessly turns your manuscript from draft to final product. A great editor with any type of editing will help your manuscript become the best it can be without taking away your author voice and your original intent with the story.

Professional editing is something all authors should consider for their manuscript. An editor will clean up the punctuation and grammar, suggest ways to make your language and technical writing more cohesive, suggest ways to improve your storytelling, and point out any problematic areas within the novel. All of these things, whether just the grammar and punctuation portion, or full developmental edits, will help your story be more accessible to all those who decide to pick up your book.

Eight Little Pages offers both U.S and U.K English editing in a variety of packages.


A critique will be 1-2 pages and will include an analysis of the manuscript’s plot and characters, language and dialogue, structure and organization, and consistency. It will also include suggested revisions to problematic areas of the story.

RATE: $0.0045 per word
For Example: An 80k manuscript @ 0.0045 p/w = $360


A proofread will include a final sweep for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. This is typically used as the final step of a manuscript that has already been edited before publishing.

RATE: $0.0060 per word
For Example: An 80k manuscript @ 0.0060 p/w = $480

Copy Editing

A copyedit will include correcting all spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Also, it will check for consistency in spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and language usage, as well as check for consistency of the overall plot.

RATE: $0.0095 per word
For Example: An 80k manuscript @ 0.0095 p/w = $760


A comprehensive edit includes a copyedit as well as content/developmental editing. The story will be looked at closely, and suggestions will be made about where the story could be improved. Structure and flow of the story, as well as the language of the manuscript will be analyzed, and revisions made where need be. This includes 2 rounds of editing and open communication between the editor and the author.

RATE: $0.02 per word
For Example: An 80k manuscript @ 0.02 p/w = $1600

Regardless of which type of editing you choose for your manuscript, any and all editing will help improve the story you have worked so hard to get into words.
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